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Our products are distributed in 20 countries worldwide.

We are deeply honored and humbled to produce sacramental bread according to the guidelines of the Canon Law. The unique baking technology of communion wafers, hosts and Christmas wafers draws from many years of experience and insights dating back to three generations. In 2009, we developed a production line of low-gluten wafers and hosts – the first ever in Poland and one of a few worldwide – approved for use during Holy Mass by the Church authorities (see: Certificates). Our products carry the unique logo of a pelican feeding its young with its blood and are well known in many countries, both in Europe (in Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Czech Republic, and the UK), and elsewhere in the world (Canada, the US, Australia).

International Fair

We regularly attend international fair events in Poland, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

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